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Office for Continuing Education

Office for Continuing Education

The Office for Continuing Education  is responsible for coordinating continuing education programs within the University of Zurich and in consultation with other universities. It supports the University of Zurich departments with organizing and providing continuing education programs, in addition to offering a range of services to support (future) program coordinators.

In particular, the Office serves as a contact point for matters relating to the set-up and design (link in German) as well as the management (link in German) of continuing education programs. It also provides information on the basic requirements and guidelines for programs, as well as on other important aspects such as quality assurance. The Office must be informed in advance of all continuing education programs planned and delivered by the faculties, departments, and other organizational units at the University.

The role of the Office for Continuing Education also includes advising the Executive Board of the University on matters relating to continuing education at the University, as well as conducting the business of the Committee for Continuing Education (link in German).​

In addition to this, the Office for Continuing Education offers in-house continuing education courses for UZH staff in leadership roles as well as continuing education courses in university teaching and learning for UZH instructors. It also provides information for people interested in the University of Zurich’s continuing education offerings (link in German). Programs conducted in English can be found here.

For further information, please visit our German website.

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Continuing Education Programs and Courses

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